Monday, December 12, 2011

Webinar by Draft n Craft on "Do Attorneys have Time for Festivals" for Attorneys

New York, NY (1888PressRelease) December 10, 2011 - Festivals are the time when the warmth of togetherness and companionship wraps around our mundane and drab working life. They become the reason for all the joy and happiness around people. It is during the festivals that an exhilarating air envelops us and it coaxes every spirit to be a part of the mirth. Festivals are the reason which brings the glow on each ones visage.

Festivals are that time of the year when people look forward to share experiences and go on excursions with their near and dear ones. All these things are the staple of the festive celebrations. Family, friends and the close ones bring glitters to the festival season.

On the one hand, where festivals bring such enjoyment and glee, it also brings a lot of stress in the form of lot of workload and backlog. This workload then haunts every time, which makes you end up sullying your festivity as well as work. The same thing happens a lot with Attorneys, Solo Practitioners, In-house Councils and Law Firms because everyone wants to crave a piece of their time.

Keeping all this in mind, Draft n Craft has come up with a complimentary Webinar "Do Attorneys have Time for Festivals" to give solutions for the Time related problems. So don't just wait, Click Here to get registered ASAP!!! Registrations are open for limited number of seats.

From Color YELLOW TO ORANGE, It’s a Discount Ride for the Attorneys & Law Firms

It’s a Discount Ride for the Attorneys & Law Firms

At Draft and Craft Law Firm Pvt. Ltd. happiness has no end and with the “Festival Blast” going on, they have gone a step ahead to make the festival life of attorneys and law firms better. Draft n Craft has got a bunch of ORANGE-tacular discounts and offers on legal and paralegal services for the attorneys in the US and the UK.

We have entered into the ORANGE week, so come and be a part of it. Make ORANGE-tastic savings to and enjoy your festivals like never before. Draft n Craft’s festival blast will pamper attorneys and law firms with wonderful discounts and bargains on services like document review, deposition summarization, contract outsourcing solutions, legal transcription and paralegal services.

The past week at Draft n Craft was colored YELLOW and spirit of festivity was celebrated with much hullabaloo. A complimentary Webinar on “Festivals: Repercussions on Law Firms” was conducted to give the answers about festivals and its after-effects on work. The Webinar was a success and got huge appreciation. Keeping that in mind, Draft n Craft is coming up with another complimentary Webinar on “Do Attorneys have time for Festivals” on December 15, 2011. Register here

Make this week an absolute BLAST with Draft n Craft’s “Festival Blast”. Attorneys and Law Firms will surely be amazed by the discounts and offers. For this reason; take a sip of this ORANGE-licious bargains this week and experience the new pleasures of festivals this festive season.

Dive into the big splash-tastic discounts and offers on legal and paralegal services as these unimaginable rates will not last long!!!

More discounts and more amazing bargains are coming soon during the Christmas Week, keep looking out for this space for overabundance of unimaginable discounts on legal and paralegal services.

Monday, December 5, 2011

All about the Color YELLOW for the Attorneys & Law Firms

We all love celebrating our festivals with much hoopla. The colors, gaiety and joy look irresistible during the festival season.

Festivals are a way to give our mind and body a change from the otherwise mundane life. It seems impossible to not to get be-dazzled by the little joys which such festivals flag on.

At Draft and Craft Law Firm Pvt. Ltd. the festivity has kicked off really well and the “Festival Blast” is in full swing.

Last week, we colored the whole Draft n Craft GREEN. Huge discounts and offers were given on services like document review, deposition summarization, contract outsourcing solutions, legal transcription and paralegal services.

By giving plethora of discounts and bargains we thrived in making the attorneys and the law firms believe that the grass is greener on their side rather than on the other side. The Green week came to an end with a much Talkabout “Green-A-Thon”. We at Draft n Craft turned down the power on November 30, 2011 for thirty minutes to show our gratitude to none other than “the mighty Nature”.

Festivals are definitely a way to celebrate life and also, a way to get the brain to release more endorphins. Keeping this in mind, Draft n Craft announces one more week of happiness. The color of celebration this week is YELLOW. We are giving MORE discounts, MORE offers and MORE bargains on our services like document review, deposition summarization, contract outsourcing solutions, legal transcription and paralegal services. Not only this, continuing with the series of Webinars, this week it’s all about “Festival: Repercussions on Law Firms” on December 7, 2011.

Hence, DON’T THINK!!! Just avail the discounts before it’s too late and you wait restlessly for another year.

Green a Thon at Draft N Craft We have Done Our Bit Now Its Your Turn

‘The grass would be greener on your side’” is how Draft n Craft celebrated the Green Week.The firm went Green with the sole motto to offer something amazing to attorneys this festival season.

The festival blast has just not been restricted to good deals and offers. It is about celebrations while keeping the spirit of work alive.

Draft n Craft celebrated Green-A-Thon the whole of last week. Draft n Craft walked an extra mile to pay its gratitude to the mighty nature by turning off the power for 30 minutes. The employees at Draft n Craft even planted trees to celebrate the green-a-thon week.

Festival Blast is here to help attorneys live their festivities to the fullest. Draft n Craft is taking care of the attorney workload and giving special offers without compromising on the quality of the work. Each week is dedicated to a color and the next color to be celebrated is YELLOW, the color of success.