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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Legal & Paralegal Services in Green for Attorneys

It’s the festival season of the year and the celebrations are at its peak. All the streets, malls, kitschy markets have laid down the red carpet for its customers around. The plethora of offers and discounts are on the go. So is the case at Draft and Craft Law Firm Pvt. Ltd. We have put down the red carpet in the name of Festival Blast for all the attorneys in the US and UK.

Draft n Craft is offering plenty of discounts and offers on its services like document review, deposition summarization, contract outsourcing solutions, legal transcription and paralegal services. And WHY NOT?? With all the celebrations around, it’s Draft n Craft chance to make all the attorneys enjoy their festivals like never before.

We all believe in the saying that “the grass is always greener on the other side”, but with Draft n Craft’s Festival Blast “the grass would be greener on your side only.” The discounts and bargains on the legal and paralegal services will make this possible for the attorneys. The moon will be over all the attorneys, once they will avail these discounts and offers.

To celebrate the same, Draft n Craft has decided to color all its legal and paralegal services GREEN this week. Go Green is the mantra and spirit at Draft n Craft this week.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Draft n Craft goes all out and offers huge discounts on its legal and paralegal services.

An excellent opportunity for attorneys and other legal professionals to get rid of their backlogs of work without any compromise on quality.

As the festival season has already begun, we look ahead to spend fun time with family and friends. The extended weekend which starts today, Thanksgiving Day, brings with it immense happiness in everyone’s life. However, it also carries the burden of extra workload for the coming days.
Who doesn’t like an extra helping hand when there is a backlog of work, especially when it is the festival season. To help attorneys and law firms enjoy this festival season to the fullest, Draft n Craft, a legal process outsourcing company is offering excellent offers on its legal and paralegal services.
Draft n Craft, is celebrating “Festival Blast’ throughout the festival season till January 15, 2012. It has come out with special offers for the special days like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. It endeavors to make life easy for attorneys during this festive period. So, if you are an attorney or an in-house counsel looking for help to cope with the extra work, Draft n Craft will provide you with that easy solution and a special magic wand which will help you get rid of your worries
Not only this, Draft n Craft is also educating and spreading awareness in the legal fraternity on how they can make their festivals not just sweet but sweeter by giving them some useful and insightful tips in its series of webinars. One such webinar “Festivity: A Boon or Bane for Productivity” has already been a hit. The next webinar is scheduled on December 7, 2011 which focuses on “Festivals – Repercussion on Law Firms”.